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Sustainability is Extremely Important Today

 Companies are becoming more transparent and become more sustainable. But is it enough?

The average person produces 5 POUNDS of trash each year!

And guess how much is actually recycled?

ONLY 9%!

And how much plastic ends up in the ocean each year?

14 Million Tons!


I'm sure you guys are aware of the huge issue of sustainability with plastic, so we won't lecture on anymore! We all need to reduce our waste! More and more people are going zero waste or switching to a low waste life style. Small steps are huge steps. Take a small step to today for a big step toward sustainable living!


Whether you're look to go completely zero waste or reduce your waste. We are here for you. Providing you with great solutions to be more eco-friendly. Bring you non-toxic, cruelty-free, sustainable, plant-based, and ingredient transparent products. There are Infinite Ways to Infinite Earth. 

Our Goals

We both know there is always ways to do more! We are working on becoming completely plastic free by 2025! Both here and in our personal lives. We are working toward decrease deforestation by planting a tree when you plant a tree with One Tree Planted.

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