The (Complete) Truth about Recycling Today

The (Complete) Truth about Recycling Today

The Complete Truth about Recycling Today

Whether you’re at home, in your office building, or a college university, dropping that thick piece of plastic into the recycling bin feels pretty good. People all over are recycling every day; whether or not they are eco-conscious. Now that may seem like a tremendous accomplishment for humanity. I might say otherwise.

Think for a second, how much plastic do you expect is being produced yearly? Well, let’s go back, in 1964 15 tons of plastic were produced. Now fast forward 50 years. Do you think it has double even tripled, maybe? It is about 21 times the amount! In 2014, we produced 311 TONS of plastic. That’s just crazy! Last question for a bit: where do you think it’s all going?

One can only hope that is being recycled at the very least. The truth is, most of the plastic being put in recycling bins isn’t actually being recycled. Yes, you might toss it in the recycling bin and hope for the best. It just always doesn’t work that way.

Do you Know How Much?

Only 9%!




Why isn’t America working to use that recycled plastic? The honest truth: recycled plastic is far more expensive than new plastic. It becomes quite expensive to pick, sort, and melt down plastic. Naturally, companies go for the cheaper option to increase profit margins. Also, some plastic just can be used repetitively. There is a limit to each piece of plastic, and most of the time can only be used once or twice.

So What Happens to It?

Plastic often gets dumped right back into landfills where it lays forever. All we can do is hope it doesn’t end up in the ocean or on the street where the environment and animals can be affected. I know this sounds like the sad truth, but there is more we can do. First, let’s start with the most common single-use plastic.


plastic bottles


Most Common Single-use Plastic

  • Plastic bags
  • Water bottles
  • To-go containers
  • Takeaway cups
  • Straws


What Can We Do?

Now let’s get into it. The hard truth is recycling isn’t enough to help the planet. I heard just the other day “I’m all about the environment but I recycle and that about it,”. Well, unfortunately, it just isn’t.

There is always more we can do. First, recognize what single waste plastic you are using, whether it’s plastic bags or store-bought items. Then try to limitable it. Swapping single-use plastic to products such as reusable straws, reusable shopping bags, etc, can make a tremendous effect on the environment. Check out more products at Infinite.

Reducing the need for single-use plastic is huge. Shifting the perspective from recycling to zero waste can not only help you reduce your carbon footprint, but all make an enormous impact on the environment. Don’t ever think just because you are one person; it is useless. It’s not just you, millions are doing the same.

Don’t worry, don’t start quitting your recycling habits just yet. I know that if there is a slight chance; it can be used again, all take that chance. And who knows, maybe it will change.

Earth Loves You, Love it Back!



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